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International Women’s Day reading

Last week was International Women’s Day. I actually celebrate that everyday, since I am an international woman. It was nice to reflect on my influencers, and I pulled from my own collection to Instagram the occasion. However, these books are a fraction of women who influenced me, both in writing and in actions. I don’t […]

A pause before entering 2017

Well here we are, it is 2017! I meant to blog a bunch of things this past week, but instead I needed to relax, spend time with friends, and reset my brain. I had a lovely Art Institute visit where I learned about the annual Creche. Versatile artist László Moholy-Nagy gained a new fan.  There was […]

Right Brain Business Planning

A few years ago I got all the business planning books in the world but never completed a plan for my Marvels. With a few years of redirecting under my belt and the threat that this would be the last live eCourse, I signed up for the 2016 Right Brain Business Planning eCourse. I had […]

Summertime Reading

Summer weather is finally here, and I’ve been basking in the sunlight the past few days. With the mighty success of NEW’s birthday party and fundraiser I declared Thursday a holiday. Friday afternoon became another one as my family goaded me into watching the amazing World Cup opening game of team orange. It was a […]

Frosty weekend walks

Nope, I didn’t work on the pendant descriptions I had every intention to write.  Saturday morning became frustrating as I fruitlessly searched online for findings that I know exist but apparently can only be found in 24-packs at Michael’s for now, instead of through a wholesaler. That’s the trickery of the Internet. You think that […]

Making Magic

“When I am focused on what I am for, rather than what I am against, I am empowered.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer, Real Magic Since Magic is my word of the year, I picked up Real Magic by Dr. Wayne Dyer from the library and have been reading through it the past few months. Basically […]

Planning and Processing

I am processing many thoughts of the Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit, which held Webinars every day for the past two weeks. Kari Chapin was one of the interviewees, and I am going through her book as well. It’s exciting to think of all the possibilities, to know that there are numerous energetic communities and […]

a day with all weathers

How’s your winter thus far? The other day I experienced a wide range of temperatures and weather. I took my car to the workshop and broke a sweat walking back to downtown in my coat. It was raining all the way, too. Then after some indoorsy errands I picked up the car as the temperature […]

Empathizing with Margaret Fountaine

“I suppose some day I may be rather a distinguished person in the entomological world, and though perhaps the distinction may not be the greatest I could have aspired to, every rung on the ladder of fame will have been pleasant, without one arduous or difficult step.” ~ Margaret Fountaine Over the past month I […]

researching and creating

In keeping with my lepidopterist/entomologist month I am immersing myself in the life of Margaret Fountaine. She was one fascinating and gutsy lady (the kind of company I like to keep). I am reading her (edited) diary and a biography about her simultaneously; each fills in blanks the other doesn’t, so it’s a cool exercise. […]

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