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Lady Lepidopterists

“Amongst the earliest known entomologists were women of rank, wealth and fashion who reared butterflies, painted them and embroidered their images on cloth.” ~ Michael A. Salmon, The Aurelian Legacy This month my Lady Lepidopterists encaustic collage is featured on Light Space & Time’s online gallery. This collage was in the works for some time, […]

Empathizing with Margaret Fountaine

“I suppose some day I may be rather a distinguished person in the entomological world, and though perhaps the distinction may not be the greatest I could have aspired to, every rung on the ladder of fame will have been pleasant, without one arduous or difficult step.” ~ Margaret Fountaine Over the past month I […]

researching and creating

In keeping with my lepidopterist/entomologist month I am immersing myself in the life of Margaret Fountaine. She was one fascinating and gutsy lady (the kind of company I like to keep). I am reading her (edited) diary and a biography about her simultaneously; each fills in blanks the other doesn’t, so it’s a cool exercise. […]

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