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In keeping with my lepidopterist/entomologist month I am immersing myself in the life of Margaret Fountaine.

photo copyright Maike's Marvels

She was one fascinating and gutsy lady (the kind of company I like to keep). I am reading her (edited) diary and a biography about her simultaneously; each fills in blanks the other doesn’t, so it’s a cool exercise. I need to finish Wild and Fearless by the end of the month, only 100 pages to go!

On a stroll I spotted this swallowtail.


I am not sure what it is yet, since I only have this fly-away shot to go with.

On the visual end I am studying this paper kite butterfly for my next drawing, along with working on some encaustic collages.

Have a fabulous mid-week!

photo copyright Maike's Marvels

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