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researching and creating

In keeping with my lepidopterist/entomologist month I am immersing myself in the life of Margaret Fountaine. She was one fascinating and gutsy lady (the kind of company I like to keep). I am reading her (edited) diary and a biography about her simultaneously; each fills in blanks the other doesn’t, so it’s a cool exercise. […]

WINning in the UK

  “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” ~Valerie Beck, with help from Gayle Newcomb Friday’s Women’s Innovation Circle was about doing business in the UK. The British Consulate-General Chicago’s Head of Trade and Investment Colette Buscemi and Vice Consul of Innovation and Economics Chipo Nyambuya spoke about how to best prepare […]

on my desk(s)

The past week was spent getting my house in order for 2012. Mopped floors, clean clothes and the new shower curtain smell make me feel quite accomplished! I read a bunch of follow-up information and then ‘crashed’ a little Monday from the ideas mulling in my brain, the shift in goals from new years resolutions […]

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