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Bumbling Along Matthiessen State Park Trails

In mid-July I took an excursion to Utica to clear my head and ground myself in nature. My favorite park in the Starved Rock Area is Matthiessen State Park. For a while it was a well-kept secret, with most tourists favoring Starved Rock Park. Unfortunately (for me) it has gotten more popular over the years, […]

Lady Lepidopterists

“Amongst the earliest known entomologists were women of rank, wealth and fashion who reared butterflies, painted them and embroidered their images on cloth.” ~ Michael A. Salmon, The Aurelian Legacy This month my Lady Lepidopterists encaustic collage is featured on Light Space & Time’s online gallery. This collage was in the works for some time, […]

Butterfly sightings

I have a personal mission. In April I participated in Coffee, Cameras and Chrysalides at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, and as I perused the showcase of local butterflies, I noted the ones I want to see in person. The Buckeye and Red Admiral crossed my path last year, but this year I added these […]

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