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Since Independence Day fell on a Wednesday, I gave myself permission to take the whole week off. As a self-employed person, work is always on the brain. However, since most regular job people would be taking some time off, I figured I should cut myself some slack after two intense months. The vacation kicked off […]

The Fourth is with me

July started out quite active, and it truly feels like summer. I got my muscles unkinked Thursday and picked up some light reading for the holiday (and chuckled that each part of the trilogy was filed in a different library section). Then my friends hosted a pig roast which turned into a block party filled […]

June Outings

June marked its arrival with numerous outings. It truly is summer when your social calendar fills up. My friends and I dined at Nightwood one lovely evening and savored every bite. Then we saw Redmoon’s Spring Spectacle: Bellboys, Bears and Baggage and were transported to a magical world of vignettes with hidden meanings and thought […]

Summertime Reading

Summer weather is finally here, and I’ve been basking in the sunlight the past few days. With the mighty success of NEW’s birthday party and fundraiser I declared Thursday a holiday. Friday afternoon became another one as my family goaded me into watching the amazing World Cup opening game of team orange. It was a […]

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