The Fourth is with me

July started out quite active, and it truly feels like summer. I got my muscles unkinked Thursday and picked up some light reading for the holiday (and chuckled that each part of the trilogy was filed in a different library section).


Then my friends hosted a pig roast which turned into a block party filled with delicious potluck food, great conversation, and much fun.


The pig took some time, but once it was ready it was quite an event.


We watched fireworks and enjoyed more on the way home as all of Chicago was setting them off (though supposedly it’s illegal to do so).


On Saturday I got engrossed in the world cup. I’m loving the Google doodles.


During Argentina-Belgium tree trimmers were working on my neighbor’s yard, which was a bit surreal. I don’t usually have men with chainsaws right outside my window…


We now have a superstition that sharing family selfies in Oranje will help, so I will need to be clad in orange during our Meet & Munch.


It was fun to sample World Cup beers and interact with others watching the game at World of Beer. The stress of the long delay in scores was exhausting though. Amazing how worked up we humans get over people chasing a ball…


It’s all about community building and experience sharing. Having that virtual bonding time across the ocean through modern technology is such a blessing.


My German side isn’t as interactive on Facebook, so I haven’t been as engaged there, but I am proud my Motherland and Fatherland are both in the semifinals. Yesterday’s game was quite amazing!


I’m in a good place in my life and grateful for all that has transpired that got me here. Even the non-easy parts of this journey help me appreciate all the more what a wonderful life this is.

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