Making Magic

“When I am focused on what I am for,
rather than what I am against,
I am empowered.”
~ Dr. Wayne Dyer, Real Magic

Since Magic is my word of the year, I picked up Real Magic by Dr. Wayne Dyer from the library and have been reading through it the past few months. Basically the magic of life is all in your head: it is how you respond to situations, it is how you approach life, it is what you visualize for yourself.

“Uppermost in your mind is
how you can serve the needs of those around you
by focusing always on their needs and their quotas.
Being on purpose generally means
that you are at peace with yourself, and
that peace is what you have to give away.”
~ Dr. Wayne Dyer, Real Magic

Sometimes in life however, things aren’t very peaceful. Seemingly out of nowhere something can stop you in your tracks and bring you down for a bit. An organization you have been part of and endorsing for some time may suddenly explode into hostility when questions about finances are raised. Leadership actions no longer align with the spirit of Inclusion, Inspiration and Innovation in an Ethical Environment that members supported and literally bought into.

Incidentally, as these events unfolded I read these lovely bullets by Dr. Wayne Dyer:

  • Quality rather than appearance
  • Ethics rather than rules
  • Knowledge rather than achievement
  • Integrity rather than domination
  • Serenity rather than acquisitions

This is the spirit I endorse, and that still exists, even if the umbrella under which it gathered is changing. I am heeding these words to try to get through the shift:

“The bad news, the gossip, the emphasis in the media
on tragedy and pessimism will not capture your attention.
You will note these as areas for improvement,
but your inner divine self will be noting also
how many acts of healing, kindness, and friendliness
outnumber those of suffering.”
~ Dr. Wayne Dyer, Real Magic

The friends I have made remain. The wounded will heal. Kindness prevails. My blog posts about the group also remain because they support the hard-working women business owners whom I admire and am glad to know. I have made wonderful connections over the past year and value the friendships that have since developed.

“You are in a partnership with all human beings,
not a contest to be judged better than some
and worse than others. …
Have a quiet acceptance of what is,
send it love
and then
get on with the business of
creating a full, prosperous, loving life for yourself.”
~ Dr. Wayne Dyer, Real Magic

There is a lovely ‘possibilitarian tribe’ growing in many corners of the world, and I know we will continue to have other gatherings that do promote inspiration, inclusion, quality, ethics, knowledge, integrity and serenity. That is what I support, and that is what I wish for my own business and actions to reflect.

“You can choose to make your life
into a grand, ever-evolving work of art.”
~ Dr. Wayne Dyer, Real Magic

Thank you to all activists for making our world a more magical place.

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