Frosty weekend walks

Nope, I didn’t work on the pendant descriptions I had every intention to write.  Saturday morning became frustrating as I fruitlessly searched online for findings that I know exist but apparently can only be found in 24-packs at Michael’s for now, instead of through a wholesaler.

hoping for spring

That’s the trickery of the Internet. You think that you can find things in bulk online ‘somewhere,’ but alas, a retailer just might have exclusivity over that particular product.  So I abandoned the search and shut down the computer, to take a very frosty walk at which I certainly ‘cooled off’.

frosty lake

These crocuses are deceptive:

Deceptive Croci

For the rest of the day I lost myself in a book.

die hellen tage

It is surprisingly refreshing to transport yourself into another world, and immerse yourself into the lives of a group of people as they grow over 20+ years.

I forgot about what pendants to describe next for the Etsy upload, how many and what kind I want to make next week, the product photos I have yet to take, how to best determine the right field names for Bento to set up the database right the first time. Instead, I empathized with fictional characters who became so real in my head that it was hard to let them go after the last page.


Yesterday I realized Kari Chapin’s book is due soon so my morning was spent at a cafe getting close to finishing it. I really like this book a lot, and will do a roundup of business planning reads in the future.

After a frosty walk home, I certainly hope that this Robin truly is the harbinger of Spring. We’re more than ready for it up in the Midwest.


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