Bending wire and the mind

Wow, it’s Friday already? Congratulations! Give yourself a round of applause for living the best week you could possibly have. It is all meant to be, and you’ve done your best.

Creativity Explosion at Maike's Marvels

Creativity in action at Maike’s Marvels

Yesterday was an immersion in Bento learning. It should be a handy program once I have figured out how to import my spreadsheets and link them. Looking at the forms had me flashing back to grad school exercises in Access.

Bento Learning

 Entering collages was the easy part

I’ve also been hammering and fusing away in the studio and will be working on pendant descriptions and pricing for Etsy today.

nekkid Maraviglia pieces

Ready to get dressed Maraviglia pieces

If you’re a Facebook fan you can check out the ‘for dibs’ album. Pipe up in the comments if you want me to hold a piece for you, they’ll be open to the wide world of Etsy early next week.

Etsy Pics for Maraviglia upload

Wax and wire pendant glamour shots for Etsy

Meanwhile, I hope it’s sunny and bright where you are. Here it is deceptively so. We still need winter coats to shield ourselves from wind and frostiness.

Frosty Tot Lot

Snow, snow go away…

Have a fantastic weekend!

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