Right Brain Business Planning

A few years ago I got all the business planning books in the world but never completed a plan for my Marvels.


With a few years of redirecting under my belt and the threat that this would be the last live eCourse, I signed up for the 2016 Right Brain Business Planning eCourse.


I had perused Jennifer Lee’s book from the library before, and listened to one or two of her webinars, but never delved into it.


When The Collage Cafe owner Lindy Stockton was featured on the January webinar it made me take notice, and I decided to give the Right Brain Business Plan concept another whirl.


Drafting a plan in 8 weeks is aggressive, and mid-week through the course most participants are feeling a bit behind.


Keeping up with reading chapters, doing exercises, completing the mid-week checkins, participating in weekly calls and keeping up with the Facebook newsfeed is a lot to take on on top of real life.


But I have to say that this challenge is full of affirmations, of new connections, and revelations.


Being in the midst of reading it all I cannot say what the results will be, but I feel good in some aspects “Hey, I have a spreadsheet, yay!” and unclear in others “What do these vision board images really mean?”


The key is to let this process help move me forward, align with what I am truly aiming for, and hopefully spur on the growth I want for Maike’s Marvels.


I’ll let you know where I am 4 weeks from now, when we’re supposed to be ‘finished’. My guess is it’ll take another 8 weeks to put plans into action, and another year to see how this course will have impacted my business.


What are you doing to move your life forward? Are you growing your brains, growing your community, or growing your money stash?


It’s exciting to have resources, support and opportunities. I hope you are maximizing yours in every way possible.


2 thoughts on “Right Brain Business Planning

  1. TaniaMaria says:

    Well actually I am moving along with you with the Right-Brain Business Plan ;c), that is how I got here in the first place. Because I was curious to see what you do in life besides your work.

    The RBBP gives me the support that I’ve missed 10 years ago when I made my first (Left Brain)business plan. it is indeed a lot to do in 8 weeks. I have a lot of stuff open with answers to come.. on the other hand it gives me a better insight of being an entrepreneur. :c)

    Enfin, I see the moon right in front of me now when it is getting dark here (Kalmthout, Belgium).. I wish you a very magical weekend with a lot of fun! :c)

  2. MarvyMaike says:

    Thank you Tania Maria! I love the community of the FB group and not doing the business planning in a vaccuum. I will have to check in with you 8 weeks and a year from now as well!

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