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“The tide goes out So it can come back another time.” ~  Jewel – What You Are I have to admit, this Polar Vortex has thrown me for a loop. It’s been really hard to motivate myself when I hear snowblowers and snow shovels going at 7 am in March, there is yet another flurry […]


Sometimes I forget that a startup takes more time than anticipated. That you need to envision it, plan it, and double it—money and time—just like a remodeling project and other things with numerous moving parts. I am remodeling my life, after all. “She was never meant to be a common creature — extraordinary takes time.” […]

Radvent 2012 3: Compilation

Princess Lasertron posted about how music affects her in her third Radvent post.  I’ve always been conscious of lyrics as a word girl, and the meaning of the song determines whether I download it or not. Lately a lot of catchy tunes actually reference dysfunctional relationships or break-ups (why does my radio insist on playing […]

A German 80’s pop flashback

As I wrote my Maraviglia pendant descriptions, I had a flashback to the 80s with this particular piece, which is now on Etsy. The catchy refrain “Ich düse im Sauseschritt” by DÖF (Deutsch-Österreichisches Feingefühl) played in my head as I thought about hearts, so I wrote it out and made a pendant of it. It […]

Radvent: Creating (really fear-busting)

Create Radvent by Princess Lasertron

I sometimes forget that I am more creative than most. I had a professional Artwork Installer help me put frames up this month, and he was surprised he didn’t need to design the layout of the wall. A blend of my own and inspirational creations that are finally on my wall People can be so […]

Radvent: (Holiday) Music

Music Radvent 17 by Princess Lasertron

I’m sitting on a fear-busting Radvent entry but Princess Lasertron is nice enough to give me a cop-out with this Music post. Graphic re-blogged with permission from Princess Lasertron. I actually just made a Christmas mix for my friend. It is so much quicker to do this in iTunes than it was when I grew […]

Radvent: Influence

Influence Radvent by Princess Lasertron

I’ll have to let Radvent go through January because there are a few good topics this week. Today I’ll work on Influencing.  Image re-blogged with permission from Princess Lasertron Five of my greatest influences is difficult to narrow down. I could easily do this exercise for every year of my life, as well as make […]

mom time

This weekend my mom was in town to see Paul McCartney at Wrigley Field. We had such a blast. It was a great experience to be on Wrigley Field and listen to thousands of people sing along to iconic songs. This nice review gives a glimpse of the evening. We also visited New Encaustic Explorations, […]

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