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Q1 musings

I am listening to rain and occasional Thunder, while emergency vehicle sirens are offering a soundtrack on a regular basis. The fire station is a few blocks away, so it is not alarming, but they definitely are busy today. Yesterday I met with my accountant and thought I would blog upon coming home, but by […]

Waiting for blooms

“Always winter but never Christmas.” ~ C.S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Spring is teasing us this year, which is getting a bit old by now. I can see why several stories are obsessed with ice queens and white witches, because it does seem like winter will never end right now.  Lake Michigan is […]

Fighting the ‘Why’

“You are here so God can experience the world through your eyes. See what you see, feel what you feel. Everyday he can’t wait to see what you’ll do. He can’t wait! Every day he falls in love with the world all over again. Elizabeth, you are his muse.” ~ Jeff Daniels as Arlen Faber […]


“The tide goes out So it can come back another time.” ~  Jewel – What You Are I have to admit, this Polar Vortex has thrown me for a loop. It’s been really hard to motivate myself when I hear snowblowers and snow shovels going at 7 am in March, there is yet another flurry […]


Tomorrow is the eve of Sinterklaas, the day Dutch children sing to fireplaces and hope something lands in their shoe overnight in exchange for a carrot or other treat for the horse who carries Sint from roof to roof. My cousin was kind enough to include some pepernoten in a care package recently, so for […]


I didn’t feel like laboring during Labor Day weekend so there was no post on Monday. Yesterday I reviewed my monthly activities, and while as usual I was pushing myself each day/week to do more and be more (feeling a bit social media shamed here and there—everyone else seems so much more productive), overall the […]


“There is no feeling better than realizing you are living the life you want to live.” ~ Maike’s Marvels It’s not Thanksgiving yet, but I am filled with gratitude every day. The beauty of blogging is that it provides a chronicle of one’s life, and looking back through the pages I realize how full and […]

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