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Reading-deprived word girl

Well wouldn’t you know it, the week after I organized my bookshelf I wasn’t allowed to read anything. I am going through Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way with a local group of lovely women, and Week 4 is when we aren’t supposed to read anything. This is really, really hard for me. In the spirit […]


“The tide goes out So it can come back another time.” ~  Jewel – What You Are I have to admit, this Polar Vortex has thrown me for a loop. It’s been really hard to motivate myself when I hear snowblowers and snow shovels going at 7 am in March, there is yet another flurry […]


“But all the possibilities No limits just epiphanies” I love that line in the American Authors song I posted on January 1. It has so much promise and hope, along with the positive spin of learning lessons. Everything is an epiphany in some form, even what we don’t like to experience at the time. So […]


I didn’t feel like laboring during Labor Day weekend so there was no post on Monday. Yesterday I reviewed my monthly activities, and while as usual I was pushing myself each day/week to do more and be more (feeling a bit social media shamed here and there—everyone else seems so much more productive), overall the […]