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May Preparations

Like the plants shyly peeking their tips out of the soil to see if it is safe to come out yet, it feels like I am preparing a bunch of events that aren’t happening yet. May will be busy with 3 art fairs coming up. June is also starting to shape up as a busy […]


“The tide goes out So it can come back another time.” ~  Jewel – What You Are I have to admit, this Polar Vortex has thrown me for a loop. It’s been really hard to motivate myself when I hear snowblowers and snow shovels going at 7 am in March, there is yet another flurry […]


I didn’t feel like laboring during Labor Day weekend so there was no post on Monday. Yesterday I reviewed my monthly activities, and while as usual I was pushing myself each day/week to do more and be more (feeling a bit social media shamed here and there—everyone else seems so much more productive), overall the […]

Wrapping up the year

Everyone is meant  to fulfill their destiny on earth  in their own unique way I haven’t been able to keep up with Radvent in real time, but the posts address things I have thought through as I did write my responses. I also have touched upon some of these topics in my own musings over […]

another year older

“Know how to live the time that is given you.” ~ Dario Fo I celebrated my birthday this weekend (it was yesterday, August 22). Among wonderful well-wishes from family and friends I was treated to a lovely salmon dinner Saturday evening, and visited the Renaissance Fair in Bristol, Wisconsin Sunday. The weather was lovely and […]

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