May Preparations

Like the plants shyly peeking their tips out of the soil to see if it is safe to come out yet, it feels like I am preparing a bunch of events that aren’t happening yet.

May will be busy with 3 art fairs coming up. June is also starting to shape up as a busy month. All this applying for shows is making me antsy, but for now there is a lull in business activity, since the harsh winter seems to keep people from shopping.

I removed Easter from my Pop Up Gallery shelf. I will probably edit more out before the next pop up market I have.

It is fun to play with Sarita Kamat Design’s Vases.

I also need to revamp some social media stuff, and am researching banner sizes and making time for product photoshoots.

Stakes are tough to photograph with their dimensions and those wonky shapes.

Eventually I will get the hang of it.

Still, birds are chirping more often and the temperatures may stay above 40 for a longer duration this week.

It was fun to walk around and enjoy the signs of life.

The lake was glorious and ice-free this weekend.

New business are popping up along Dempster Street, and it was fun to see the ribbon cuttings of these daring business adventurers.

My friend cooked for me and we watched an uplifting movie about an uncnventional, free-spirited and inspiring creative woman.

Death came in threes in the celebrity world, which caused some reflection.

But as I had my pint of water, I was also toasting Sketchbook Brewery on their one-year anniversary of a thriving business.

Life ebbs and flows, and soon I will long for these days of reflection and pause. Tomorrow it’s back to the studio to create new things!


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