Decorating the Hallway

When you travel in artist circles and make friends along the way, it is easy to also gather the creations that resonate with you. Over the past few years I have received and purchased art work from friends that needed a spot in my house.

This month I decided it was time to claim my hallway wall. It used to hold an ornate mirror, but when the nails became unstable I removed and donated it. So for a while I had a blank wall. Recently I made an appointment with a friend who enjoys hanging art as a side gig, which was the impetus to scrutinize the wall.

I had an old sample of the same exact paint, but when I tried to touch up the scrapes and scratches, the new paint dried on much darker. So off to Home Depot I went to remix the paint. Initially I put on one layer and let it dry over night. Unfortunately, that was not sufficient. I had to paint the whole hallway to not have such a contrasting darker wall, and needed to fix the inadvertent faux finish I had created. But a few hours of elbow grease got me a fresh hallway./a>

Then my friend arrived and we configured the layout of my art on the bed. After several arrangements we settled on one, and started hammering away.

It was fun to create the layout, and one definitely needs a buddy system to hang art, as there is hanging, taking down, measuring, getting perspective, and then arranging everything again. But soon it was all completed.

I love the quirky design of this wall. My original water theme for this collection expanded a bit, but the colors have a dialogue with each other, so that this eclectic mix actually works out.

I am surprised when I walk through and then joyous at seeing the individual pieces that have been tucked away for a while.

The texture of the encaustic pieces is a joy to stare at and get absorbed in.

On my wall are Carol Hamilton, Cindy Lesperance, Chai WolfmanRebecca Stahr, Ahavani Mullen, and Jason McPhillips. I also added a linocut and an encaustic dragonfly diptych by me.

The bonus is that there is a bit more room to add to this collection.

Next I need to rearrange my butterfly wall, since I’ve received a few more pieces that belong on that wall. As Kate Merena of Sacred Art says: “Art is not a luxury.” You need to pick out what you love, and whether there is a theme or not, you will find a way to make it all go together in the end.


Once you do, it is fun to peruse your own personal gallery from all angles, and explore the artistry behind each piece.

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