Waiting for blooms

“Always winter but never Christmas.”
C.S. LewisThe Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Spring is teasing us this year, which is getting a bit old by now. I can see why several stories are obsessed with ice queens and white witches, because it does seem like winter will never end right now. 

Lake Michigan is working overtime creating ice art.

Ice is beautiful, but to keep seeing this poor tree immersed in it gets a bit sad.

Still for Illinois we might not get a reprieve until May, and looking at statistics April 16 is not too far off from ‘normal.’ 

We did get a few teasers with flowers popping up already. It is sad to have them covered up again a few days later.

Meanwhile, I am getting things done to set myself up for the year.

I networked with bossladies and am lining up more events.

More art shows are putting out applications which means lots of submissions and prepayments.

I picked up gorgeous beads from Everlasting Fire Studio.

We celebrate good food and milestones along the Main-Dempster Mile.

I am tweaking my webshop, which has bumped into a few hiccups.

However, it finally seems to be getting along, I just need to do a test purchase!

And then there is the paperwork for taxes and other administrative duties to file.

It is deceiving to think that social media reflects a person’s full life. So much is staged and curated that we forget about being human, bumping into glitches, having problems and dealing with worries.

But no one’s life is perfect, and shutting down all devices for 24 hours or so can make for a good reset. It helps me stay grounded to take a Saturday or Sunday offline, especially when art fairs don’t go as planned and emotional drainage adds to the physical strain of setups and teardowns.

This weather flux is a good analogy of how life goes in cycles, and things are dormant at times, only to sprout into full bloom later and put people in awe.

Waiting for announcements and new opportunities is exciting and a great study in patience. Spring will be worth the wait, as will be the projects and art fairs and other Marvels adventures yet to come.

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