Featured in Voyage Chicago Magazine

I am working on a few home projects this week but none are completed yet. I am also waiting on some additional photos from last weekend, so the bloggery is on hold today. Meanwhile, I got a lot of love yesterday from the publication of my profile in Voyage Chicago Magazine.

Meet Maike Van Wijk of Maike’s Marvels

I have a lot of friends featured here as well, so I am thrilled to be in such excellent company. I think my Facebook post about it got the most hits of all my posts thus far.

My hunch is that the headshot has something to do with it, since I rarely post my face. It’s from a lovely photoshoot with Annette Patko of Bordeaux Studio. The hair is by ChromaK8.

I hope you like the profile too. Poke around the web site and check out all the other inspirational stories.

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