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Another year of joy

It’s officially birthday week and I am enjoying it all. I kicked off birthday month with my Sidewalk Sale splurges, and then just kept on celebrating. I had Andy’s Frozen Custard with a friend last weekend. We took in the lovely Evanston Art & Big Fork festival. I treated myself to Lucky Platter twice this […]

Birthday Break

Monday was my birthday, and I started the celebration early with my mom’s visit on Thursday. We took a long weekend and explored Evanston, while meeting friends for food and libations among various stops. Prior to mom flying in a ceiling fan fell on my head, so we made this a walking weekend while monitoring […]

Summer tally

It’s been a jam-packed summer. I was featured on the FUSEDChicago Facebook page. I saw my friends MyHealthBeet and ConnectedTissue wear their lovely new pendants out and about. A purple coral set was snapped up by a friend the moment I instagrammed it. I was pampered by Noktivo and promptly ruined the manicures (pedicures last, […]

Birthday Musings

It’s my birthday today! Round birthdays are fun, but the year after always feels a bit weird. I’d rather stay at 40 than become ‘early forties’. My fortieth year was fabulous though. I didn’t really have a theme, but I feel a sense of opening. I trust more, I embrace more, I try more, I […]

Birthday Joy

It’s been a lovely week of partying, and I am trying to get back into more productivity while the summer gives its last hurrah with a heat wave. My post-haircut custard introduced the YAY-day! Wednesday evening was spent at Lemont’s Emergency Vehicle night, which I posted on Facebook. Aurora Rose had placed my name in […]

Big Birthday

Tomorrow is my official birthday, but I’ve been celebrating throughout the summer essentially. Last year’s Curly Girl Design Calendar Being with loved ones is the best form of celebrating life, and I’ve been fortunate to have been at numerous celebratory gatherings over the past few months. My brother and his love took a road trip […]

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my birthday, which I have been celebrating for quite some time. In reality, this entire year has been a celebration of life.   The official birthday kick-off was with Crowns, the evening before the beginning of August. But I also splurged with the Geneva trip, and treated myself to some lovely art work […]

another year older

“Know how to live the time that is given you.” ~ Dario Fo I celebrated my birthday this weekend (it was yesterday, August 22). Among wonderful well-wishes from family and friends I was treated to a lovely salmon dinner Saturday evening, and visited the Renaissance Fair in Bristol, Wisconsin Sunday. The weather was lovely and […]

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