Another year of joy

It’s officially birthday week and I am enjoying it all.

I kicked off birthday month with my Sidewalk Sale splurges, and then just kept on celebrating.

I had Andy’s Frozen Custard with a friend last weekend.

We took in the lovely Evanston Art & Big Fork festival.

I treated myself to Lucky Platter twice this week, and friends took me there a few weeks ago.

Tuesday my friend invited me to Mamma Mia II, and even splurged on concessions.

I got a massage, which I keep intending to do monthly, but tends to happen quarterly when I NEED it.

After that I strolled the Main Street area to confirm the hunch that what I am looking for for an art project isn’t available locally. Of course Piron mousse is on my birthday list.

Vogue said Hi.

I perused magazines at the Chicago-Main Newsstand and found some with my JigUFacturer friends in it. This quarter’s issues were full of inspiration, so I splurged on three, but drew the line at a $25 magazine. That price is worthy of a book, no matter how compelling the insides.

Cultivate also looked inviting, and I may try my hand at airplants again after a quick trip.

Sunday was a glorious beach day and seeing everyone enjoy the weather made me smile.

On one daily walk the sky and the lake kissed.

I got birthday mail a few weeks ago and stared at these boxes for awhile. Packages are such fun to open.

I expanded the art project search to Target and enjoyed all the toys. Mermaid Barbies? I thought Peaches N Cream Barbie was fancy!

Even dolls love the turquoise craft cart.

Still not the dollhouse shelving I wanted to find. Time for DIY tutorials. Minion pinata cheered me up though.

Maybe I will finally visit the Toby Jug Museum this week!

Celebrating life is worth doing year-round! Every day is a gift,and we really don’t know what tomorrow brings, no matter how we try to plan it all out.

After all, there are more parties to be had!

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