Finishing the Waldo Search

This week I wrapped up my Waldo Scavenger hunt. I mainly did it for social media fun, and since I knew most of the businesses I skipped I didn’t feel compelled to complete all passport stops.

Instead, I returned to Secret Treasures because not finding him there bugged me.

Angel spotted a lovely teaset perfect for her friends, but we’re sleeping on it.

Later I noticed this typing stand and workbench next to each other, so suitable for me. Sleeping on the typing stand too…

Then I headed straight to the Bookman’s Alley to finish the search.

The Alley Gallery had two Waldo’s, and they were a bit tricky to find.

But I accomplished the mission.

The lovely thing was that I discovered the Saw Room. I had heard of it, but didn’t realize where it was. Now I am on the mailing list for future exhibits.

Then I entered the book store. Finding Where’s Waldo books didn’t count!

I had to try hard not to get distracted. Who doesn’t need some Freudian Slippers?

But as I perused the whole store and made mental notes on sections to revisit, I finally found him not reading at all!

Hint: he’s near this T-shirt if he hasn’t been moved again. I think Harry Potter-related events are happening this weekend as well.

Then of course I browsed for real, because that’s what bookworms do. Soon I turned in my passport, and Angel got another button for her collection.

The Alley is full of fun finds, like this lovely reminder.

There will be discounted books this weekend.

The flower shop on Sherman has this fabulous table.

As I meandered home I said goodbye to Nevin’s Pub, which is slated for demolition.

Next up is the Sidewalk sale from Friday until Sunday this week. Businesses are giving all kinds of discounts on their wares.

You can still look for Waldo until the end of the month, so why not combine the two?

You can win this amazing dollhouse!

Evanston is such fun.

Staycation days are never boring here.

It’s a lovely life.


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