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It’s been lovely to stroll around Evanston in this gorgeous weather. I am taking daily walks as part of a health plan, and love getting to know the various streets and gardens of my neighborhood better.

Milkweed is abundant here, both planted by the city and private gardens, and it thrills me to see the Monarch Waystations actually working for our pollinators.

I am keeping an eye out for caterpillars, but haven’t spotted them yet. I did see eggs being laid here, so I will check out that space this week.

Not all my subjects are patient with the camera, and this critter, a bee I think, crawled away from me. It did inadvertently make for a pretty close-up of the milkweed flower though.

Can you spot the Monarch gliding away here? Another perk of walking in the historic district is seeing the variety of protected architecture here.

The Monarchs also have habitats near the beach. Milkweed was a few feet away.

I like reflecting by the water.

There are beautiful lilies everywhere too. These by my favorite park.

These two-colored ones are so lovely, and fitting for the Women’s Club of Evanston.

There is something hopeful about their sun-adoring shape.

On an evening walk a spiderweb glistened.

This glorious gypsy moth got dropped at my feet by a robin. It was watching its prey closely though, so I let nature be nature after snapping the photo, which is for the best in this case.

I admire the gardeners who create lavish feasts for the eyes in the soil.

It makes life so sunny.

The other day I spotted a hummingbird, and hope they find the plants that are especially for them.

What butterflies and other critters have you spotted so far?

My camera needs a break now.


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