Invisible work

It’s a week of invisible work. I have a number of blog posts in my head but real life keeps me from writing them.

Valentine’s Day is looming and before I could start making I had to do some organizing. So much happened in the jewelry bench drawers and yet it seemed like I spent hours in the studio clearing nothing.

Tools are cleaned and back in their spots.

My high school friend was nominated for the Grammys and I watched as I continued organizing my studio. He won!!!

I will always remember this piece that I dropped mid-bend to take screenshots of the live stream.

I had some fun social time with friends, including visiting Ayla’s amazing $1 sale (ends tomorrow!). Pro tip: Go with a friend so you can split up the strands and get twice the projects!

I am also sofa shopping, and pondering the options, along with debating how big it should be after reading about furniture free living.

For Christmas I gifted myself a craft cart that I had always wanted since spotting it on Kelly Rae Roberts’ blog. I am super excited at how much it stores and worked with box lids to layer the tiers up with project ideas.

There is still a whole lot to be done, but I feel somewhat accomplished.

I also threw some old clothing into my trunk to enable the donation drop-off. My plates were so faded it was high time for new ones, which came in the mail this week. Putting those on is also part of the ‘stuff people don’t see’ list.

On a lovely Saturday afternoon I came upon a twitter gathering.

Then I worked on my closet shelves for a bit. They’ve filled up quite a bit since the closet makeover.

After the Grammys I carved out a space to make some Valentines which are headed over to the Evanston Pop Up Gallery soon.

We’ll see if the big table gets before and afters in the near future.

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