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Updating the Butterfly Wall

When my friend came over in April to her me hang my hallway art, it sparked a bit of a spring cleaning. Invariably, when my butterfly wall was completed the first time, I started getting more butterfly art. Some pieces gathered dust for two years. Then I received Lauren Levato Coyne’s gorgeous “watermelon butterfly” for […]

Creating an in-home gallery (Part 2)

“I believe that if you love everything you are consuming/purchasing/ collecting/surrounding yourself with, it will all go together. I suppose that’s the idea behind eclectic style, that if you love it, it matches.” ~ Megan Hunt, It matches if you love it Since 2008 my home has undergone a few small improvements, but my library […]

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my birthday, which I have been celebrating for quite some time. In reality, this entire year has been a celebration of life.   The official birthday kick-off was with Crowns, the evening before the beginning of August. But I also splurged with the Geneva trip, and treated myself to some lovely art work […]

Encaustic and Mixed Media/Photography Workshop

“I believe that if you are creating something that is truly coming from within, that is your true vision and authentic voice, then it will speak to other people.” ~ Bridgette Guerzon Mills in The Artist Unique by Carmen Torbus  An encaustic palette at the end of the day PerficalSense Studio Workshop Space This weekend […]

Meditations: Looking In, Reflecting Out exhibit

This weekend I attended the opening of “Meditations: Looking In, Reflecting Out” at PerficalSense Studio. The show features work by encaustic artists Crystal Neubauer and Bridgette Guerzon Mills. It was lovely to meet both artists and learn more about their inspiration and techniques. Meeting Bridgette Guerzon Mills and Crystal Neubauer, who will both teach me […]

Black Cloud’s Art Bazaar

It seems that the cocooning and reflection of the past month ended with a bang on February 1. There has been a surge of energy, various affirmations and a lot of busy-ness that I almost need to recover from after being so accustomed to peace and quiet. First up, I’ll share a favorite outing this […]

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