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From the Fire Pit: Glimmers opening

Lauren and Rory Coyne do a lot together, and so it is with exhibits. On the heels of Lauren’s Wolf Peach Opening Friday night, Rory Coyne opened his solo show at Galerie Fledermaus on Saturday. Rory’s inspiration for the show comes from the fire pit or hearth as a gathering place. “It’s not just the […]

Creating an in-home gallery (Part 2)

“I believe that if you love everything you are consuming/purchasing/ collecting/surrounding yourself with, it will all go together. I suppose that’s the idea behind eclectic style, that if you love it, it matches.” ~ Megan Hunt, It matches if you love it Since 2008 my home has undergone a few small improvements, but my library […]


My newlywed friends Lauren and Rory Coyne are in the Fixation exhibit at Zhou B Art Center’s second floor this month. It was a thrill to attend the opening last Friday and see their latest work. Per Sergio Gomez: “Fixation is an exhibition and a publication of art and poetry focused on the physical/psychological preoccupation […]

The Symbiosis of Lauren and Rory Coyne

My friends Lauren and Rory Coyne had their Symbiosis opening at Century Guild October 12. Here are some snapshots from their night, which for many of us felt like a post-wedding party. If you follow them on Facebook you can see how they energize and challenge each other in their art. Their relationship truly is […]

a Blueberry Barnyard Wedding

“It’s never too late to live happily ever after.” ~ unknown Lauren and Rory’s wedding was in a perfect setting, on a glorious day, with a wonderful gathering of kindred spirits. The betrothed hand made decorations, borrowed linens, and collected hand-me-down mason jars to use as drinking vessels. Meanwhile, numerous friends pitched in for all […]

Moths and Moon Flowers at the Field Museum

Last month I took Lauren Levato’s second workshop: “Moths and Moon Flowers.” We ended it at the Field Museum, which was a blast. This time, we were treated to a field trip within the museum to visit a live Peregrine Falcon, Molly, who was there to educate a group of Audubon Society members. She was […]

Marked by Myth Opening

Rory Coyne’s Marked by Myth show opening was a big bustling party. Playful animal masks were distributed right by the wine station, how convenient! I had brought mine of course. Rory had made these fabulous masks out of paper clay, of which a few are available for sale. Lots of people were milling about discussing […]

Masquerade time!

I’m looking forward to Rory Coyne’s opening, “Marked by Myth” on Friday. I had the privilege of seeing one of Rory’s oil paintings evolve layer by layer as I took his fiancee’s drawing class, and am excited to see ‘the Dragon man’ (my name) in completed form. Reading Rory’s announcement (click for the full scoop) was a vocabulary lesson […]

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