Marked by Myth Opening

Rory Coyne’s Marked by Myth show opening was a big bustling party.

Playful animal masks were distributed right by the wine station, how convenient!

I had brought mine of course.

Rory had made these fabulous masks out of paper clay, of which a few are available for sale.

Lots of people were milling about discussing art, modeling and the intriguing imagery in the paintings.

Painting students and practitioners marveled at his technique.

I was happy to see the “Dragon man” with a face, three, actually!

“No Tucker Here” by Rory Coyne, Oil on Linen 78″ x x 66″
He was the backdrop of numerous photos.

We also peeked into the studios of resident artists, including Christina Villa, Lauren Levato, Cesar Conde and Rory’s magical place of creation.

As I perused the gallery, a dialogue between the pieces became more prevalent, with certain animals repeated in different paintings, as well as the interactivity of the subjects’ gazes toward other paintings.

It was like landing in the middle of a storybook and getting a feel for the different characters.

I haven’t yet learned the full story behind Rory’s work, but eventually I’ll learn more about the tales behind these wonderful beings.

If you are interested in Rory’s art work, contact him via his web site or his Facebook page.

The show is open through Friday, October 5 at FM* Gallery, at 310 N. Peoria, Chicago, IL 60607 (located near blue line Grand stop or green/pink line Morgan stop).

You can also inquire about sketches, and contact him for his book special.

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