From the Fire Pit: Glimmers opening

Lauren and Rory Coyne do a lot together, and so it is with exhibits. On the heels of Lauren’s Wolf Peach Opening Friday night, Rory Coyne opened his solo show at Galerie Fledermaus on Saturday.


Rory’s inspiration for the show comes from the fire pit or hearth as a gathering place.


“It’s not just the fire itself, but what it provides: a place to gather with family and friends and the perfect situation to talk and dream. Stories are born here, histories told, and heritage handed down masked in allegories, myths, and grandiose creatures,” said Rory.


From the Fire Pit: Glimmers features oil paintings by Rory that morph gorgeous human beings into furry creatures, creating mythical characters that could spin stories of their own. Detailed photos of the paintings can be found here.


“The light of the blazing fire
combined with the dark, gloomy shadows by the hearth
to transmit sharp contrasts,
shaping the expectations of listeners and inspiring the tellers.”
~ Maria Tatar, Chair of the Committee on Degrees in Folklore
and Mythology at Harvard University


Rory said he is “discovering my characters and revealing them one by one stripped from any surrounding in order to focus on just them. They will grow and mature, and take part in many sagas. Some already have, some have just come to be, and many have yet to come to life. They are the sparks that start the fire, a glimmer of what’s to come.”


Galerie Fledermaus specializes in Symbolist works from Germany, Austria, France and Italy 1880-1920, and contemporary figurative artists.


It is a joy to peruse the Klimts and other wonderful art works.


I want to learn more about Koloman Moser.


In addition to paintings and prints, Galerie Fledermaus also offers vessels, and other art deco pieces. This box is a treasure even without anything inside of it.


Rory may host another event before his show closes on September 28. So swing by 2136 W North Avenue in Chicago soon.


In October, Jason McPhillips will reveal his latest works in his Ghosts series, from October 3 through November 2.


There were some fabulous outfits at the show.


Rory’s trademark, an axe, was incorporated in his ensemble.


Lauren is always stunning.


My reflection snuck into some photos accidentally.


Go peruse the gems at Galerie Fledermaus. I’ll see you there October 6 from 6 to 9 p.m.


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