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Updating the Butterfly Wall

When my friend came over in April to her me hang my hallway art, it sparked a bit of a spring cleaning. Invariably, when my butterfly wall was completed the first time, I started getting more butterfly art. Some pieces gathered dust for two years. Then I received Lauren Levato Coyne’s gorgeous “watermelon butterfly” for […]

Drawing Birds

“Drawing is a lot about trusting your instincts.” ~ Lauren Levato Coyne of Sidetracked Studio Drawing creatures is fun. Ever since daring to stretch my comfort zone with a drawing class, I keep getting lured in to the occasional workshop. Next month Lauren Levato Coyne will host a butterfly drawing workshop. The bird drawing workshop […]

Wolf Peach show opening

Friday marked the opening of Lauren Levato Coyne’s Wolf Peach show at Packer Schopf Gallery, which shows through October 18. Lauren’s second solo exhibition with Packer Schopf focuses on the ideas of poisoning and her continued thoughts on death via her largest and most elaborate drawings to date. She has been thinking a lot about […]

Blog Hopping

This month several FUSEDChicago artists are participating in a blog hop. I was asked to participate by Alicia Forestall-Boehm, whom I see at various FUSEDChicago exhibits. Her work is quite fascinating, as it takes encaustics to a sculptural level, and I love how she takes cheesecloth, wood and wire and turns them into abstract yet […]

Creating an in-home gallery (Part 2)

“I believe that if you love everything you are consuming/purchasing/ collecting/surrounding yourself with, it will all go together. I suppose that’s the idea behind eclectic style, that if you love it, it matches.” ~ Megan Hunt, It matches if you love it Since 2008 my home has undergone a few small improvements, but my library […]

a Blueberry Barnyard Wedding

“It’s never too late to live happily ever after.” ~ unknown Lauren and Rory’s wedding was in a perfect setting, on a glorious day, with a wonderful gathering of kindred spirits. The betrothed hand made decorations, borrowed linens, and collected hand-me-down mason jars to use as drinking vessels. Meanwhile, numerous friends pitched in for all […]

The Wunderkammer Self Portrait exhibit of Lauren Levato

“Lauren Levato is becoming one of Chicago’s favorite daughters, drawing, collaborating, assisting and teaching other artists. In her new drawings she looks at herself with hybrid possibilities, while staying in touch with her poignant animal instincts and sympathies.” ~ Paul Klein As one of Lauren Levato’s drawing students, it has been a pleasure to watch […]

Moths and Moon Flowers at the Field Museum

Last month I took Lauren Levato’s second workshop: “Moths and Moon Flowers.” We ended it at the Field Museum, which was a blast. This time, we were treated to a field trip within the museum to visit a live Peregrine Falcon, Molly, who was there to educate a group of Audubon Society members. She was […]

Learning about crowdfunding through local artists

“I wanted to free up my brain space and my time to make art that is not just remarkably executed, but simply remarkable.” ~ Lauren Levato Lately I’ve seen a lot of crowdfunding activity for local projects. Crowdfunding is an online fundraising method through which startups, artists, and organizations request donations that are put toward a […]

Insects at the Field Museum

Our drawing ‘final’ was a day in the Zoology Department at the Field Museum of Natural History. We were greeted by Entomology Collections Manager James Boone, who is featured in this lovely video. We spent two hours just oohing and aahing over the drawers we were given access to, and took many photo records. Luna […]

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