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A Historic Brood

It’s been a busy summer researching some passion projects and rehoming myself after a few years of caregiving flux. In June two broods of periodical cicadas descended upon Illinois, and I fully expected them to land on my back porch like the annuals do. However, South Evanston was spared and I had to drive to find […]

Pinning my Butterfly Specimens

In late 2012 I took a butterfly pinning class at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. Thanks to my drawing workshops I learned to de-sensitize to the morbidity of handling dead butterflies and appreciate the preservation of these lovely creatures. With the ambition to raise my own I decided it would be good to know how […]

Insects at the Field Museum

photo copyright Maike's Marvels

Our drawing ‘final’ was a day in the Zoology Department at the Field Museum of Natural History. We were greeted by Entomology Collections Manager James Boone, who is featured in this lovely video. We spent two hours just oohing and aahing over the drawers we were given access to, and took many photo records. Luna […]

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