Black Cloud’s Art Bazaar

It seems that the cocooning and reflection of the past month ended with a bang on February 1. There has been a surge of energy, various affirmations and a lot of busy-ness that I almost need to recover from after being so accustomed to peace and quiet.

Art Bazaar at Black Cloud Gallery

First up, I’ll share a favorite outing this week. I gushed about Black Cloud Gallery months ago, and Friday’s Art Bazaar reception was no different.

main wall at Black Cloud's Art Bazaar

The space was filled with young hip people and the art work was so inspirational to me. Unfortunately there was no list of artist names, so I cannot give credit to these wonderful pieces.

For the bargain price of $200, you can own original art works by local artists! My ‘amateur’ snapshots don’t do the colors justice, so if you’re in Chicagoland, go see the amazing colors and textures for yourself.

You can get two paintings for the price of one, too.

I of course scrutinized Bridgette Guerzon Mills’ work:

These paper collages mesmerized me too:

There is another open evening February 10, and I think the Bazaar is open until February 27, so please support these emerging artists.

1 thoughts on “Black Cloud’s Art Bazaar

  1. Dana Schmidt says:

    Just came across this wonderful post! Thank you so much for your support. The next Bazaar is August and we hope to see you then as well.

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