Boundaries at Park Schreck Gallery

In addition to the Black Cloud Art Bazaar, I also perused Park Schreck’s gallery on Friday evening. Through FUSEDChicago I had learned that encaustic artist Jane Michalski was exhibiting as part of “Boundaries” with painter Ted Stanuga.

My shyness kicked in at this gallery so I snapped shots outside but not inside. Jane Michalski’s pieces are abstract with beautiful layers of colors. She explains her process here. This exhibit ends March 12.

Boundaries at Park Schreck gallery

The acrylics were mesmerizing too, a feast of textures and vibrant colors on a very large scale. I also examined the sculptures by Brigitte Wolf  and work by Ray Becoskie in the back of the gallery.

Boundaries by Jane Michalski

In the spirit of day-to-day sign reading, I enjoyed these affirmations:

Of course my car navigated itself right in front of my biggest vice when I parked for Black Cloud:

Meanwhile, I am receiving so many lovely messages from friends and new acquaintances that my heart is soaring with joy. I had such a need for validation at the end of last month, and now it feels that even though the goals I have set aren’t quite tangible, the energy to get there has multiplied ten-thousand-fold.

It’s like I’m getting this huge shove to keep moving, and not stop to think about all the fears and downers and coulda/woulda/shouldas.

Onward and Upward, as one of my favorite entrepreneurial mentors says. 🙂

Origami Cranes on South Halsted (Black Cloud behind me)

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