Meditations: Looking In, Reflecting Out exhibit

This weekend I attended the opening of “Meditations: Looking In, Reflecting Out” at PerficalSense Studio. The show features work by encaustic artists Crystal Neubauer and Bridgette Guerzon Mills.

It was lovely to meet both artists and learn more about their inspiration and techniques.

Meeting Bridgette Guerzon Mills and Crystal Neubauer,
who will both teach me new skills this Spring

They were each thrilled to realize how well their independent projects complemented each other, as Crystal shares in this blog post.

“Meditations: Looking In, Reflecting Out” at PerficalSense Studio

Crystal Neubauer’s work utilizes vintage papers and books to create intriguing collages. She also incorporates acrylics into her work. Since Cindy Hogan-Jevon of PerficalSense announced this exhibit I’ve enjoyed poking around on Crystal’s web site.


My All in All by Crystal Neubauer

We discussed the love of antique books and “living with them” before incorporating them into a project.

Detail of a work by Crystal Neubauer

I was drawn to the Dutch words on this collage.

Detail of Untitled by Crystal Neubauer

Bridgette Guerzon Mills started ‘vibing’ in my life when I first saw her work in Embracing Encaustic by Linda Womack a few years ago. In July 2011 I was drawn to her piece called From the Heavens to the Earth during a FUSEDChicago show at Noyes Cultural Center. Since then I’ve been taking more photos of trees and tree branches.

Two works by Bridgette Guerzon Mills, both sold

In the Fall I picked up Somerset Workshop magazine with a sample project by her, and then The Artist Unique book I gifted myself in December contained Bridgette’s work and insights as well. So I was thrilled when she ‘liked’ my fan page and we’ve been Facebooking since then. Her work was also featured at Black Cloud Gallery’s Art Bazaar last month.

Detail of Rootedness by Bridgette Guerzon Mills

Bridgette also creates artist books and journals.

Meditations Artist Book by Bridgette Guerzon Mills 

I am excited to take Bridgette’s “Introduction to Encaustic and Mixed Media/Photography” workshop next weekend at PerficalSense Studio. Click for additional workshops by Bridgette.

Works by Bridgette Guerzon Mills

Crystal Neubauer returns in April for her “Moving Beyond the Canvas with Wax and Wire” workshop. Click for Crystal’s workshop schedule. This heart piece is so intriguing to me, and I look forward to learning the ‘how’ behind pieces like that.

Chapters by Crystal Neubauer

More photos of the opening can be viewed here. The show (better seen in person than my photos give justice) runs until March 30. Contact PerficalSense Studio for exhibit times and directions.


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  1. Bridgette says:

    Thanks Maike for such a lovely review! So glad that we have met in 3D and looking forward to spending time creating this weekend!

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