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Tulip Love

Life is blooming here with trees awakening and birds beginning to nest. Blossoms abound in wide arrays of color. Tulips are the most dominant beauties this month. Sunshine and warmth brings so much joy. The amazing colorations of these flowers are fascinating. Even showers cannot dampen my spirit with all the color and fragrance. My […]

Winning fun things

2015 is promising to be a winning year. I’ve won something unexpected three months in a row, and it makes me happy to live in Evanston. During Suminagashi artist Amy Lee Segami’s presentation at the Evanston Public Library in February I was the recipient of her poster, which she autographed for me. Being in the winning […]

Birthday Musings

It’s my birthday today! Round birthdays are fun, but the year after always feels a bit weird. I’d rather stay at 40 than become ‘early forties’. My fortieth year was fabulous though. I didn’t really have a theme, but I feel a sense of opening. I trust more, I embrace more, I try more, I […]

Milestone Markers

Just before Easter I gave a pendant the inventory number 100. I paused a bit, even though I had a few to go, because that was a milestone I didn’t see coming just a few months ago. To think that prior to April 14, 2012, I didn’t even know of this technique (Thanks Crystal and […]

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my birthday, which I have been celebrating for quite some time. In reality, this entire year has been a celebration of life.   The official birthday kick-off was with Crowns, the evening before the beginning of August. But I also splurged with the Geneva trip, and treated myself to some lovely art work […]

Candy Gala Anticipation

This promises to be another fabulous week. 2011 was wonderful, but this year I’ve had numerous “pinch me, I must be dreaming” moments. Artrageous has opened, I attended a very inspiring studio visit, and the Red Admirals obliged me a little bit in posing for me on Sunday. I’m not sure my adrenaline-meter can keep […]

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