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Summer has begun and I wish I could go on vacation. Instead I am sneaking lake time away from the computer when I can. I uninstalled the DOT Show and am pleased my circles held up well. I even got to take home 2 of Carol Hamilton’s dots. Along the way I got to watch […]

Tulip Love

Life is blooming here with trees awakening and birds beginning to nest. Blossoms abound in wide arrays of color. Tulips are the most dominant beauties this month. Sunshine and warmth brings so much joy. The amazing colorations of these flowers are fascinating. Even showers cannot dampen my spirit with all the color and fragrance. My […]

winter brightness

After a recent snowfall I was inspired by OrangeMarigold to look at the tracks that had been made. It’s such fun to see the patterns in people’s shoe soles. Spring is on its way, but there might be a few dustings before the full bloom. My first Crocus sighting on Sunday! 🙂 Fortunately it’s been […]

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