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Tulip Love

Life is blooming here with trees awakening and birds beginning to nest. Blossoms abound in wide arrays of color. Tulips are the most dominant beauties this month. Sunshine and warmth brings so much joy. The amazing colorations of these flowers are fascinating. Even showers cannot dampen my spirit with all the color and fragrance. My […]

Loving Forget-Me-Nots

“In the Victorian language of flowers, the forget-me-not means friendship, loving remembrance and fidelity.” ~ Witchipedia Forget-Me-Nots are my favorite flower, and when they blossomed in May I took oodles of photos. I had an unfinished diptych laying around so I pulled those cradled boards out and started color-coordinating. I looked up the healing properties […]

Easter Weekend Walk

Walking through the neighborhood is such a joy these days. It’s gotten a little cooler from the strange March ‘summer,’ but this has not deterred all the blooming. My favorite flower is already popping up in places.  These ‘bells’ do feel like Easter to me. And tulips abound as well. The resident Peregrine Falcons have […]

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