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Life is Blossoming

So yeah, I’m the eccentric woman crouching in front of other people’s gardens these days. Only my photo time stamp tells me I do this for 40 minutes or so. Ooops. To me it feels like I only spend ten minutes snapping pretty petals. Oh well, call me crazy, but seeing these blooms fills my […]

Midweek interlude

I’m transcribing notes from my weekend events, but the combination of freelance work and Marvels events preclude me from having that ready for you today. Galas and opening parties are fun to make time for, but it does cut away from other activities, such as blogging. So you’ll have to contend with a few snapshots […]

Easter Weekend Walk

Walking through the neighborhood is such a joy these days. It’s gotten a little cooler from the strange March ‘summer,’ but this has not deterred all the blooming. My favorite flower is already popping up in places.  These ‘bells’ do feel like Easter to me. And tulips abound as well. The resident Peregrine Falcons have […]

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