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Leafy “Impressionism”

A few leaves have left their impressions in concrete around town.   It may be a result of a path that previously looked like this: Nature’s art is so fascinating. Some trees look very fiery these days. And others are bare already. Wishing you inspiration and joy along your path today. PS: Impressionism is properly […]

midweek bliss

It’s been a fun and full week already. I visited the Chocolate Exhibit at the Field Museum and learned a lot more about Chocolate’s history. The Mayans used huge vessels to drink their bitter frothy cocoa from, ranging from 8 to 10 inches tall with a 6 to 8 inch diameter. And here I thought […]

Butterfly visit

If you’ve perused my creations and seen my photographs, you know I have an affinity for butterflies. During my Custer Street Fair visit I was given a free pass to the Nature Museum for helping out with a survey. Coming up on its expiration day, I finally made the short trip on Monday. I love the […]

It’s Spring!

The scent of a hyacinth is wafting through the home, my windows are open, birds are chirping, children are playing outside, and the sun is working hard to warm up the world again. Hello sun, hello energy, hello joy! Hello crocuses pushing yourselves out of the ground. Hello new life beyond my imagination!


I heart Fall The weather has been amazing the past two weekends, and so has the progression of colors and tree-phases. The golden glow From green to yellow to red … to baring it all While there is a long process leading up to this transition, sometimes it can all occur within a week. (the […]

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