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Could it be Spring?

Could it be? Did Winter finally get the memo to make way for Spring? I saw buds pop up last week only to be covered by snow. But now the majority of ice blobs have melted, and these sprouts just might have a chance! There are still remnants of ice. This was February 22. And […]

Springy Scenes

Working on back-end logistics is time consuming but worthwhile. Prompted by all the art marketing resources I’m working on a newsletter set-up, and still trying to determine how I want Bento to work for me. Over Easter weekend it was rather springy around here, and here are some snapshots of my walks. These lions made […]

It’s Spring!

The scent of a hyacinth is wafting through the home, my windows are open, birds are chirping, children are playing outside, and the sun is working hard to warm up the world again. Hello sun, hello energy, hello joy! Hello crocuses pushing yourselves out of the ground. Hello new life beyond my imagination!

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