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Fall Colors

It is Fall! I love the beautiful jewel tones of the season. Summer is still holding on here and there. We had a few chilly days that got the radiators going. But now we have warmer weather to where strolls in the park are enjoyable again. Soon there will be piles to toss around. The […]

Thanksgiving Reflections

10 things I am grateful for this year: 1. The deepening of relationships and appreciating each person in my life for their unique qualities 2. Embracing opportunities instead of shying away from them 3. Seeing myself through other people’s eyes and liking their reflection of me 4. Being encouraged to challenge myself and enjoying the […]

Golden Radiance

Tomorrow is Halloween, but this year I am more in Samhain mode. I don’t know of any costume parties to go to, though the coming weekend is packed. So here are some photos of the glorious Fall colors we’re having this month. I love the brilliance of the golds and reds. The ‘stoplight’ trees are […]

Fall has begun

We’ve had some glorious days, but the season is definitely changing. I’m bummed the butterflies were so sparse this year compared to the last 2 summers, but hopefully I will see more than sulphurs and cabbage whites next year. The flowers are embracing their last bloom. Daylight is leaving us sooner. It will be nice […]

Leafy “Impressionism”

A few leaves have left their impressions in concrete around town.   It may be a result of a path that previously looked like this: Nature’s art is so fascinating. Some trees look very fiery these days. And others are bare already. Wishing you inspiration and joy along your path today. PS: Impressionism is properly […]

Watching Leaves Turn collage

My biggest art work today is up on Etsy this week. It has been an interesting exploration to scale up from greeting cards to a canvas of 18×18. The 12×12 for Blick’s was my first larger scale piece. I wanted to incorporate my leaf collection into beeswax. First I did a practice run with smaller […]

Friday Fun-gold, green and red

Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn. ~Elizabeth Lawrence  The leaves are beginning to drop in bunches and the colorings are gorgeous. We’ve lucked out with some Indian Summer weather too and cloudless skies. I snapped some pictures at my local nature preserve. Autumn is a second spring when every leaf […]

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