Loving Forget-Me-Nots

“In the Victorian language of flowers,
the forget-me-not means
friendship, loving remembrance and fidelity.

~ Witchipedia

Forget-Me-Nots are my favorite flower, and when they blossomed in May I took oodles of photos.


I had an unfinished diptych laying around so I pulled those cradled boards out and started color-coordinating.


I looked up the healing properties of the flower, as well as some of the lore associated with its delicate petals.


I explored the functions of my new torch and some new colors my friend had gifted me with.


I cut out my flowers and the snippets of information and mixed a color close to their petals.


Laying the pieces out is my favorite part.


“As a knight and his lady walked along the river,
the knight bent down to pick his lady some flowers,
but he slipped and fell into the river and
the weight of his armor bore him down.
As he slipped beneath the water he cried out
~ 100 Flowers and How they got their Names

Then it was time to layer on the encaustic paint. Forget-Me-Nots are named for mouse’s ears (Myosotis), such a cute notion!


I burnished the paper pieces onto the wax.


Forget me Nots do well in full to partial shade and prefer a moist environment. Forget-me-nots bloom in the springtime.


Another view revealed the need for more ‘pop.’


Then I mounted the raised photographs.


I’m submitting these to various places so we’ll see how others love the flower.


Meanwhile, I was gifted with some forget-me-not jewelry for my birthday from my treasury.


The polymer clay earrings came from Romania.


The lovely ring is from Germany and came with lovely packaging and instructions.


I also received a camera ring with an opal stone from my Opal Treasury via Kingwood, where I used to live.


“Forget-me-not can be worn or carried
to keep a lover close to your heart.
Give forget-me-nots to someone
you would like to keep you in mind.”
~ Witchipedia


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