Big Birthday

Tomorrow is my official birthday, but I’ve been celebrating throughout the summer essentially.


Last year’s Curly Girl Design Calendar

Being with loved ones is the best form of celebrating life, and I’ve been fortunate to have been at numerous celebratory gatherings over the past few months.


My brother and his love took a road trip to see me, and we enjoyed walking around town in unseasonably cool weather, perusing the art institute, and eating lots and lots of good food.


Then my friend and her daughter flew in for more fun.


Maternal Hug by Maike’s Marvels

Meanwhile packages have been trickling in (love the Amazon wish list) which I look forward to opening tomorrow.


This year has been very much about appreciating every moment I have. The news is full of tragedy, and I’ve spent a few days this year reflecting on loss and the instant change a life can take (for better or for worse), reminding me that getting up every morning able-bodied and healthy is such a supreme blessing.


Painting by Rory Coyne and Moth drawing by Lauren Levato Coyne

I genuinely am happy where I am and with what I have.


Yes I want to speed up the profitability of my fledgling business and bill-paying feels like a drain on resources right now, but having the opportunity to give Maike’s Marvels a solid try is something I am grateful for every day.


As I check in with my 2013 goals, I was more optimistic than realistic, and will need to work harder at marketing and getting myself out there. In looking at the resolutions, I feel that I have incorporated most of them into my year.


A Knight in Shining Armor at the Art Institute

I am learning not to compare myself to others as much (#1), because my life is unique and I cannot truly benchmark my 40 with other people’s 40.

My social gatherings include more authenticity (#3), which has allowed me to express myself more honestly (#2).

Magic does happen every day, (#5) whether it is the rays of sun reflecting sparkles off an object in my house, butterflies and dragonflies swirling around me (I will always hold my breath a little whenever that happens), serendipitous meetings with people, or an explosion of color in flowers, surroundings and rainbows.


Still Life with Flowers by Odilon Redon at Art Institute

The book (#4) is still in my head and ideas are swirling, so that’s probably something I should genuinely put in my calendar for the remainder of the year.

Battle between gods and giants, Etruscan (Art Institute)

I have no idea what the next 40 years hold, but I do know that thus far, the meandering path my life has taken has enriched me, blessed me, and placed me right where I need to be.


Bentouttashape pendant by Maike’s Marvels

I’m hoping the next decade will include just as much joy, growth (even if at times reluctantly), and continued good health.

Hooray for life!


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