Etsy is getting crowded

“Very beautiful!
I love the attention and artistic care you put into both sets.”

~ Birthday earring shopper

I’ve been loading pieces to Etsy over the past week or so, so you have some new pieces to peruse.


The Mustard Square:


Three Pearls of Wisdom:


I loaded a set of earrings last week that got snapped up right away. I love it when pieces speak to a customer.


They were option 2 of a birthday commission for a friend.


The desired earrings had already been sold, so I offered to make similar ones (exact replicas don’t happen with this gauge wire).


Erica’s husband wanted to accentuate his wife’s neck with my earrings. How cool is that? So I set to work ‘replicating’ the initial design, curling the wire and then hammering it flat.


I made two options and he decided which ones would “look especially beautiful on Erica.”


They certainly do, don’t you think?


Wrapping them up was fun.


You can find other earrings here.


I’ve enjoyed modeling a few pieces while I was out and about.

Yellow Butterfly
, Waves Wire Earrings ,
not-yet-listed squiggle square, Dvořák pupil

Wax and wire pendants like Peace-loving Squiggledee will be perfect for Fall weather.


Seatbelts are cool!


Mixing and matching is fun (as is dipping into the non-selfmade collection).


Love Letter, Vintage Coral Necklace with Chinese bead earrings,
Sparkly Pink Butterfly Heart with earrings from Aurora Rose,
unlisted earrings and a to-be-listed pendant

I’d like to see some collar necklaces move too, since I can’t wear the larger ones. Go shop so I have incentive to make more!


“They just hit me Maike. Like they were made for me.”
~ A happy earring customer

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