Q1 musings

I am listening to rain and occasional Thunder, while emergency vehicle sirens are offering a soundtrack on a regular basis. The fire station is a few blocks away, so it is not alarming, but they definitely are busy today.

Yesterday I met with my accountant and thought I would blog upon coming home, but by the time errands were done I was ready to call it a day. So as much as I am trying to re-establish my routine, it is still pretty loosey-goosey.

The fewer deadlines, the more my time floats. But since my 7 years (!) of non-corporate living, Q1 has always been like this. Closing out last year, looking at the new year’s art fair schedule, evaluating what networking groups are effective or not, calculating the money in my bank account and making a budget, wondering if I will make financial ends meet by the end of the year as cost-of-living increases roll in…

However, since 2011 and even before then things have always worked out. I have a history of not knowing what was next and then an opportunity would present itself. Of course I would always do whatever I could to make that opportunity happen, but generally the thing I thought I was looking for wasn’t what actually materialized in front of me.

So, on this rainy day, I am pondering my next moves. There’s a 5-day webinar series to look into, health checkups to schedule, and a social calendar to review. This weekend is free enough to finally check in on my dormant studio. There is the illusion–and pressure–that artists are constantly creating, but after the holiday rush in December I needed to recharge first. At times like these I like to review Kelly Rae Roberts’ manifestos. She is such an inspiration in living the creative life, and she too has had some major re-jiggerings of her career, especially with her current move.

So, the blog post that is in my head will materialize next week, and then life will unfold as it is meant to. There is a beauty in the freedom of having things line up for you over time, rather than having everything mapped out the first of the year…

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