A German 80’s pop flashback

As I wrote my Maraviglia pendant descriptions, I had a flashback to the 80s with this particular piece, which is now on Etsy.

The catchy refrain “Ich düse im Sauseschritt” by DÖF (Deutsch-Österreichisches Feingefühl) played in my head as I thought about hearts, so I wrote it out and made a pendant of it.

It was a number one hit in The Netherlands and has stuck in my head ever since. When I looked up the video I laughed because my memory was quite kind to this film.

We can still use a Codo today:

“Codo is an abbreviation for “Cosmic Dolm”
or also “Cosmic Depp” (both meaning cosmic idiot).
Codo was an extraterrestrial creature without a specific gender,
which overcomes hate and brings everything that is missing
to us stressed and negatively attuned human beings:
a good mood, jokes, charm and above all love.”
~ Wikipedia

I bent a wire heart in shape and adhered the tissue paper and vintage paper with beeswax. It is very lightweight yet makes a bold statement.

As you can see, I can incorporate custom phrases and lines into a pendant of your choice. Here’s how the pendant looks on:

I hope one of you will let the message adorn you soon. A loose translation is:

Ich düse im Sauseschritt = I soar rapidly
und bring die Liebe mit = and bring love along
von meinem Himmelsritt = from my ride through the universe

Watching Codo had me looking up other catchy tunes from the past.

I was waaaayy too young back then, but how swooney is Peter Schilling in this Major Tom video?

Here’s Falco’s Rock Me Amadeus version I grew up with:

Nena’s original 99 Luftballons:

What’s your favorite 80’s song?

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