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“… if you’re applying to the People Who Officially Curate And Publish Things they have many, many, many, many submissions to wade through and they can’t always fall in love with your stuff.  It has to be good enough, it has to fill a niche or a need they have, they have to have a spot […]


“It is more important to live intensely  and love wholeheartedly  than it is to worry  whether you’re doing the wrong thing.  Trust your inner knowledge.  Slow down, you will deal with the future when it is present.” ~Cassandra Lorius in Mandalas and Meditations Last week a lot of snowmen melted, and so did my resolve. Snowman […]

Radvent: Creating (really fear-busting)

Create Radvent by Princess Lasertron

I sometimes forget that I am more creative than most. I had a professional Artwork Installer help me put frames up this month, and he was surprised he didn’t need to design the layout of the wall. A blend of my own and inspirational creations that are finally on my wall People can be so […]

Friday Fun: Getting Unstuck

“You are a shining star to somebody right now.” ~ Sarah Saka, sales associate, House of Sole Last Friday I attended the monthly Women’s Innovation Network monthly Innovation Circle. I had attended a few Spa & Cupcakes afternoon sessions before, and found them to be welcoming and sweet events. While Spa & Cupcakes focuses on […]

A case of the What Ifs

“We already have all the time there is. We can’t make more of it, we can only enjoy the time we have.” ~ Paul Pearsall So the past few days I’ve had trouble sleeping in spite of various remedies (scullcap and some other herbal sleep aids, sleepytime tea, counting backwards from 333, checking my horoscope, […]

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