Radvent: Creating (really fear-busting)

Create Radvent by Princess Lasertron

I sometimes forget that I am more creative than most. I had a professional Artwork Installer help me put frames up this month, and he was surprised he didn’t need to design the layout of the wall.

framing project at Maike's Marvels studio

A blend of my own and inspirational creations that are finally on my wall

People can be so impressed with something I perceive as simple that I remember to be grateful for artistic expression and a sense of design. It felt simple to distress a few dollar-store frames to give my pictures some pop.

frame painting by Maike's Marvels

Painting a dollar store frame

What comes easy to ‘non-creatives’ will probably seem like rocket science to me.

I agree with Princess Lasertron that creativity and artistry are not always the same. I also believe that creativity can be expressed in ways other than what we have categorized as ‘the Arts.

Imagination is applied to so many things beyond the visual and audible. How imaginative is technology, which we pass off as geeky or nerdy? (I didn’t know that geek derived from “gek” and “Geck” in my native tongues).

In keeping with Princess Lasertron’s Radvent on Creativity I am going to create an empowering list.

Create Radvent by Princess Lasertron

Image re-blogged with permission from Princess Lasertron

“We shouldn’t let fear stop us from living the life we want to live.
They [fears, critics] have no power unless we give them power.”
~ Echo Bodine

If sharing fears takes away their power, here are my top 3:

1. Fear of success. I am just one person winging it this year, and in a way I am holding back because it is easier to not get busy. I’m startled when people ask to see my work because I don’t see myself as an artist yet (but I have no problems with being creative!). I’m getting stuck in my business plan on defining my target market, because once I start believing that people (strangers!) will actually buy things from me, it means I have to make more. I can’t hide behind: “Oh, I’m just starting out, I’m not a bona fide business yet, It’ll take time to develop whatever my style and art form is going to be.”

2. Fear of critique.  The other part of putting work ‘out there’ beyond Etsy is that it does open me up for critique. Most of the feedback I have received is positive, but there can be zingers out there. In one book I read that every rejection increases the odds of an acceptance, but entering the subjective visual art world is difficult. I’ve developed a thicker skin about my writing through decades of a career in that field, but my art is still a vulnerable spot.

3. Fear of dependence. Per my mom, one of the first sentences I learned was “I can do it myself”. There has always been a strong drive to be self-sufficient. I think I might be taking it to the extreme sometimes. I know intellectually that delegating (asking for help) is a good thing–that allowing others to excel in their best competency and freeing my time creates a symbiotic relationship–but “needing others” is a fear in some way. It may be more an issue of reliability: knowing that what I ask to get done does in fact get done (as I sheepishly add “in my time frame” in my head). I forget that in general people are helpful, and I am depriving them an opportunity to feel good by helping me.

4. Fear of putting all of this out there. Because that is in fact asking for help isn’t it (hello #3)? Am I ready for that feedback (i.e. #2: Critique)? If someone has exactly what I need: the key to launching this thriving artistic business of mine with the perfect target market description, then I can no longer hide behind my #1 fear.

Fear is a vicious cycle, isn’t it? 🙂

I freed up my time last year, and now I need to free my fears. That’s an interesting visual: my fears are trapped! They want to get out of this prison too! LOL!

One of my friends boldly stated her dream big goal on Facebook the other day. I’d like to get there. I want to know what my true vision for my life is, without shooting those “crazy” thoughts down.

What do I create?

“Expressions of love, joy and thanquility.” It started with greeting cards that were intended to help others express themselves (in a nonsappy, noncheeky way). Now I’m exploring collages of mixed media wall decor which serve more as reminders of love, joy and thanquility.

I am also creating a new life that turns me into a better me. Once I can support myself in pursuing my passion, I want to help others live their dreams. It’ll be one continuous cycle of creation and regeneration.

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