From polar vortex to ice storm. This winter is definitely packing a punch.

My frosted windows melted away on Friday and my car started without a hitch.

This weekend most of the ice and snow also melted away in above 40-degree Fahrenheit temperatures.

This cheerful snowman had a very short life.

But our brief time together (I didn’t build it, just walked past) will be documented forever.

The wonderful snow sculpture from last week also succumbed to the heat wave.

The elementary school kids had a blast.

Trees lightened their loads.

Saturday was still gorgeous, although ice chunks made for worries about rivers flooding in the suburbs.

Saturday was still a lovely winter wonderland.

Tuesday night we were warned of ice storms. I took my walk to see how the ice queen had fared since Saturday, and the lakeside temperatures were definitely chilly.

Her ‘crown’ is melting, but I am curious if the ice storm will build the tree up again.

The warning signs are better off now though.

The shrubbery is becoming visible again.

Snow-free, the landscape isn’t so glamorous.

The Ice Queen is losing her gown.

But the melting ice is still making formations.

The rocks are emerging.

Never underestimate shelf ice, either!

I only spent a minute at the beach, so chilly!

It’s been fun to document the winter landscape, but these extreme temperature swings are not for the faint of heart.

I was lucky that my building escaped unafflicted. But now we await potential power outages from the ice storm.

Fortunately the storms are only hitting us briefly. Harvey was far more harrowing when it went on for days and days.

Here’s to beautiful seasons.

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