Polar Vortex

I am hunkering down for the polar vortex today. It is interesting how weather events can be very distracting.

I was already planning a work from home week (rather than visiting a cafe or finding outside excursions), but when the weather dictates your schedule, it gets distracting.

The temperature flux this week also requires extra car care–making sure the snowfall dumps have been cleared before they freeze the car shut and in. Then of course it needs to be driven to ensure the battery doesn’t die in sub-zero weather.

Meanwhile, warnings about heating systems failing and water pipes freezing do not add to peace of mind.

What was initially a fun hibernation week now has a bit of anxiety added to it.

Nonetheless, I am looking forward to a blend of house organizing, administrating, and some relaxing reading.

I am privileged that a week ‘off’ doesn’t cause financial impact, but I feel for those who have to fret about losing pay days. Hopefully those who are called in to work have the appropriate gear and know how to keep safe.

My ice queen visits are on hold until Friday. I will have to re-motivate my indoor exercise regimen for the next two days.

I did walk around on the 26th and 28th, and the contrasts are impressive.

Quite excited to see what the next round of subzero temperatures does to this sign.

And the shrubbery is harder to find after Monday’s snowfall.

Someone took time for this beautiful snow sculpture.

Ice is spectacular.

Brighter days ahead!

Be safe and warm and savor every day!

Here’s to the Ice Queen building up her crown.



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