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Friday Fun: Princess Lasertron’s headband

felt flower headband

In the fall of 2009 I received a copy of Where Women Create, a wonderfully inspiring magazine. Princess Lasertron, also known as Megan Hunt, was featured in that issue and I have been a fan ever since. Megan creates beautiful bridal bouquets and dresses and documents her creations on a lovely magazine-style blog. In addition […]

TCCE Handmade Market

“You are in the right place at the right time.” ~ Jo Packham During breaks from the panel discussions and workshops we were treated to a handmade market in the hotel. I was excited to see Princess Lasertron’s wares in real life after loving all her gorgeous pictures of bouquets, pins and dresses. Her associates […]

TCCE Panel Day

Day 2 (Friday) of The Creative Connection Event was filled with panel discussions. The first panel on self-publishing gave us a variety of perspectives on how to get your words out to the public. The panel included host Nancy Soriano, who has edited and published various magazines; Terry Walters, who self-published her first cookbook and […]

TCCE Workshop Day

Saturday was my play day at The Creative Connection Event. I knew my brain would be full from 2 days of panel discussions, so I took two crafting workshops to prevent information overload. The first was a button-tufted family tree project by Big Picture Classes. How cool is this frame made of rulers? I would […]

BlogHer Handmade day

“Every single one of us is super-special. You have to find your talent and share it.” ~ Amy Turn-Sharp There are so many notes from the Creative Connection Event that blogging about it could take a year. It is also easy to get lost in other people’s blogs about it. But the beauty of the […]

Takeaways from the TCCE welcome dinner

“Stay strong, stay creative,  stay connected.” ~Cristina Ferrare I am condensing all my panelist learnings for you, but for now here are some key takeaways from the scrumptuous TCCE welcome dinner. As the first man to be featured in Where Women Create, Tim Holtz made a guest appearance which drew a cheer from the crowd. […]

The biggest mall I have ever seen

This weekend I attended the second Creative Connection Event in St. Paul. It brought flashbacks of last year and reminded me of all the changes that have occurred since then. From the terrifying roller coaster flight last year to now things have changed so much. I do feel a lot more serene now. Even if I […]

lesson of the week

“Once you realize that life can change in an instant, you can relax into a steady state of joyful expectation.” ~Kathy Freston The past week has been spent administrating rather than creating. Tomorrow I will be back in the studio with more canvases, because the Dragonfly sold! Yippie. I have opened a business account and sent […]

9/28 re-post “Live imperfectly with great delight”

This is the quote on my T-shirt that was donated by Curly Girl Designs to the Creative Connection Event — in a box “containing peace and love” :-). For a perfectionist like me, it is a great reminder that not everything has to be perfect. Like this blog. People have been encouraging me to start a blog […]

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